This article is for tourists visiting Albania who want to stay connected while exploring the country. By the end of this guide, you’ll know how to choose the best mobile internet in Albania option to stay online. We’ll cover the benefits of using local Albanian SIM cards and eSIMs, so you can stay connected smoothly during your journey.

how strong about mobile internet in albania

I. Mobile Internet Coverage and Speed in Albania

For visitors in Albania, staying online is key for finding your way, chatting, and sharing what you’re up to. Understanding which mobile internet works best helps choose the right provider for a good internet experience. Let’s explore mobile coverage and speed in Albania now.

1. Albania Mobile Internet Coverage

Albania Mobile Operator Coverage
Albania Mobile Operator Coverage

Mobile coverage in Albania is good overall according to the Opensignal report. First, mobile coverage experience in Albania is rated at 7.4 by ONE and 7.8 by Vodafone Albania out of 10 points.

  • ONE’s 3G/4G/5G was available 98.1% of the time and Vodafone Albania’s was 97.2%.
  • Coverage is good in big cities in Albania like Tirana, Durres, and Elbasan.

In short, both main mobile networks cover over 97% of Albania with 3G/4G, so tourists can easily stay well there.

2. Albania Mobile Internet Speed

mobile speed in albania

Mobile internet speeds in Albania are moderate according to Speedtest Global Index reports.

  • National ranking: Albania ranks 54th globally for mobile internet speeds with an average download speed of 50.55 Mbps and upload speed of 13.15 Mbps.
  • Compared to neighbors, Albania lags behind countries like Greece (79.28Mbps) and North Macedonia (89.96Mbps) in terms of average national mobile internet speeds.

In conclusion, while Albania’s mobile internet speeds may not be the fastest, they are sufficient for everyday tasks like browsing, social media, and using navigation apps. 

Important Note: These speeds represent the average and not the maximum speeds available.

II. Mobile Internet in Albania: Connection Options for Tourists

When coming to Albania, there are countless connection options for you such as:

  • Free Wifi
  • Pocket Wifi
  • eSIM
  • SIM card
  • Roaming

However, to know which option is the most optimal, look at their pros and cons:

Options Pros Cons
Free WiFi Free Limited availability
Pocket WiFi Portable Expensive and can be lost
eSIM Flexible and saves money Device compatibility
SIM card Cheap Requires swap and language barrier
Roaming No swapping Extremely expensive

You might think that buying an international SIM is one of the most optimal solutions because it offers the cheapest rates and best network coverage throughout Albania. You are only half right because an eSIM is the answer for the other half. eSIM even beats physical SIM in some aspects.

Using eSIM can make travelers’ trip experience even better because it is flexible without the need to swap physical SIM cards. eSIM also provides an instant connection with just a scan—perfect for travelers on the go.

Albania eSIM can make your experience while enjoying eSIM even more wonderful for some reasons:

  • Uses the high-speed network of Vodafone Albania
  • Flexible plans for 7, 15, 30 days available
  • Instant delivery of eSIM QR code via email upon purchase
  • 24/7 customer support via WhatsApp for any need
  • Easy setup guide for self-installation of eSIM
  • Affordable rates with no roaming or activation fees

Very exciting, right? So why don’t you give it a try on your next trip to Albania and see the wonders that an eSIM can offer? Come there and get one right now!

Leave your physical SIM behind
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III. Budgeting for Mobile Data Costs in Albania

The amount of data you need depends on your trip length and usage habits. Here’s a breakdown to help you estimate:

  • Short Trip (3-5 days):
    • Light Usage (Maps, messaging, occasional browsing): 1-2 GB
    • Moderate Usage (Adding social media, some streaming): 3-5 GB
    • Heavy Usage (Frequent streaming, video calls, downloads): 5-10 GB
  • Medium Trip (1-2 weeks):
    • Light Usage: 3-5 GB
    • Moderate Usage: 5-10 GB
    • Heavy Usage: 10-20 GB
  • Extended Trip (3+ weeks):
    • Light Usage: 5-10 GB
    • Moderate Usage: 10-20 GB
    • Heavy Usage: 20-50 GB

These are just estimates, and actual usage can vary. Consider factors like using Wi-Fi whenever possible and downloading maps or entertainment beforehand to minimize data consumption.

IV. Best Mobile Operators in Albania

best mobile operators in albania

There are two main mobile operators travelers can choose from in Albania: ONE and Vodafone Albania. Let’s compare them:

Criteria ONE Vodafone Albania
Main points Nationwide 4G coverage, budget-friendly rates, reliable service Large network coverage, diverse plans, most customers
Pros Affordable packages, good customer service Fast speeds, versatile offerings, most subscribers
Cons More expensive than competitors on some plans Rates slightly higher than peers
Best for Value users, families Data power users, corporate clients

In short, ONE beats Vodafone Albania as the top mobile operator with its wide network, good prices, and reliable service, making it great for most people. Vodafone Albania is still good for those needing fast internet and various plans for both personal and business use.

V. FAQs about mobile internet in Albania

Is there a mobile data limit or fair usage policy in Albania?

All major operators offer unlimited data plans, though speeds may be throttled after a certain data cap. Capped plans with data limits of 1-5GB are also available and cheaper.

Can you make phone calls over the mobile internet in Albania?

Voice over LTE (VoLTE) is supported, allowing high-definition calls over 4G/LTE. VoLTE rollout is ongoing across networks.

Is public WiFi available in Albania?

Many cafes, restaurants, and hotels offer free WiFi hotspots in cities. Projects are deploying more municipal WiFi zones throughout Albania.

What are some internet usage tips when using mobile internet in Albania?

Turn off background app refresh to save data. Use WiFi whenever possible. Check operator packages for cheaper data-only plans. Report coverage issues to operators.

VI. Conclusion

Mobile internet in Albania has grown a lot, now available almost everywhere. Better infrastructure and cheaper data mean people can use fast internet on their phones easily. With 5G coming, it is predicted to become even more important for everyone’s daily activities.